We take firms to the next level by providing innovative management services designed to extend reach, maximize efficiency, retain talent, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line.


Our six core modules are designed to focus on your top priorities. As your needs grow, our solutions scale, too.


In-depth analysis of your target market, operating region, preferred buyers, competitive landscape, and more to give you all the knowledge you need to make critical decisions and produce winning results.

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Grow your community—and your revenues—by becoming an icon within your industry. It all starts with having a brand people know and trust. Our insights evaluation includes a FREE brand assessment.

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Enhance and streamline every step of your sales process from the first meeting to the final purchase. Find and super-qualify prospects faster with our process designed to optimize your sales flow.

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Trained in underwriting and using our proprietary modeling system, we have 30+ years of experience guiding clients through the maze of health and welfare underwriting.

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Track your progress with a 360° view of your health plan operations. We'll aggregate the data into a convenient dashboard where you can monitor your success in real-time.

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Obtain and Retain more clients with a customized engagement experience your clients will remember and love. Maintain relationships with crystal-clear communication channels.

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“Today is important but tomorrow is more so.  That requires working with someone who has a vision and knows how to execute on that vision.  I have known and worked with Greg over the last five years.  Along with being a person of high character and professionalism, he has the ability to move an organization forward by executing on a vision.”


David Johnson, GBA, RHU

Managing Partner

Virtus Benefits


Join, grow, win. Together.

Allied is a different kind of consultancy. We're not an agency, per se. We're a community of teams. We want to give our clients a fresh take on the entire consulting experience. The traditional consultant is one that comes in, evaluates, delivers a proposal, and leaves.


This is the old way.

We believe in working together to find a solution. Our model is simple: we're here to help when you need it most. We bring agencies and firms together to share resources and expertise in a way that saves our clients time, energy, and money.

Our advisors are hand-picked because of the value they bring to the table. Every service we offer is backed by a guarantee—that you will see results. At the heart of everything we do is a desire to affect positive change, cultivate meaningful relationships, and help others succeed.



Cari Holder

Director of Finance

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Cari is a determined professional devoted to each client. No matter the time of day, rain or shine, Cari excels in finding solutions and using her creative side to build winning strategies to help others succeed.

Cari specializes in banking, finance, and business-development strategies.

Gregory Carlton

Founder & Chief Innovator

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Greg is more than our Founder & Chief Innovator. He's a visionary and an award-winning national leader to insurance and benefit advisors.

His 30+ year career in benefits, insurance, wellbeing, and analytics was founded on faith, relationships, hard work, and a desire to see each client succeed.

Josh Carlton

Community Manager

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Josh has a reputation for being a highly creative leader. Over the last 10 years he has cultivated masters-level expertise in a variety of industries.

Josh's passion for ideas and marketing led him to launch his own agency, BIG Creative Design, and serve him as Community Manager for Allied.

Adrianne Gleeson

Team Strengths Coach

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Adrianne is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach skilled in wellness program design and administration, recruitment, hiring and team development.


Adrianne is passionate about helping employers create a culture of engagement in order to maximize the employment experience.


You want to succeed. We want to help.


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