In-depth analysis of your target market, operating region, preferred buyers, competitive landscape, and more to give you all the knowledge you need to make critical decisions and produce winning results.

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Grow your community—and your revenues—by becoming an icon within your industry. It all starts with having a brand people know and trust. Our insights evaluation includes a FREE brand assessment.

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Enhance and streamline every step of your sales process from the first meeting to the final purchase. Find and super-qualify prospects faster with our process designed to optimize your sales flow.

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Trained in underwriting and using our proprietary modeling system, we have 30+ years of experience guiding clients through the maze of health and welfare underwriting.

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Track your progress with a 360° view of your health plan operations. We'll aggregate the data into a convenient dashboard where you can monitor your success in real-time.

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Obtain and Retain more clients with a customized engagement experience your clients will remember and love. Maintain relationships with crystal-clear communication channels.

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“Today is important but tomorrow is more so.  That requires working with someone who has a vision and knows how to execute on that vision.  I have known and worked with Greg over the last five years.  Along with being a person of high character and professionalism, he has the ability to move an organization forward by executing on a vision.”


David Johnson, GBA, RHU

Managing Partner

Virtus Benefits


You want to succeed. We want to help.


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